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Software QA testing approaches

Posted in Project Management by Tharaka de Alwis on December 14, 2009

In the current software development field, there are Project Managers are in the following misconception:

  • Software testing is costly
  • Add wasteful time for the project schedule
  • Brings conflicts between the development team
  • Brings no improvement to the ultimate product

These are very people who would spend the least amount of time on testing and end up with project deliveries with significant quality issues.

Software testing is an investment in quality that will produce positive results. Project Managers need to fit in QA testing tasks that fits within the overall project schedule for testers to report their findings (bugs or issues). So the developers can fix them before the customer release.

These some of the test approaches used within industry improve Software quality.

Acceptance testing

Testing with respect to user’s functional requirements and business processes to determine whether a system satisfies or does not satisfy the acceptance criteria of end users, customers or any other authorized entity.

Smoke testing

Testing with respect to the most important functional requirements to check if critical bugs exist within the system.

Regression testing

Testing of a previously tested system to ensure that new modifications have not introduced any defects on uncovered in unchanged areas of the software as a result of the changes made.

Integration testing

Test the interoperability between different software products. Normally this kind of testing is done by a Software Engineer or a technically savy Tester.

Load testing

A type of performance testing conducted to evaluate the behavior of a system with increasing load.

Eg: numbers of parallel users and/or numbers of transactions, to determine what load can be handled by the component or system.

Volume testing

This type of testing is done to see how the system handles high volumes of data. Normally reporting modules of systems need to be tested with volume tests in mind.

Performance testing

The process of testing to determine the performance of a software product.

Reliability testing

The process of testing to determine the reliability of a software product.

Structural testing (white-box testing)

Testing based on an analysis of the internal structure of the component or system.

Exception testing

Testing the behavior of a system in response to erroneous input from either a human user, another component/system or due to an internal failure.

Negative testing

Tests aimed at showing that a component or system does not work.

Installation and setup testing

Testing that focuses on what customers will need to do to install and set up the new software successfully.

Configuration testing

The process of testing the configuration steps of a software product.

Compatibility testing

Testing performed to evaluate the application compatibility with the underline computing environment (Hardware, Operating System, Network connectivity).

Documentation testing

Testing the quality of the documentation,

Eg: user guide or installation guide.

Error handling testing

Testing performed to determine the ability of the system to properly process the incorrect transactions.

Recovery testing

Testing how well the software is able to recover from crashes, hardware failures, and other similar problems.

Localization testing

Testing that focuses on internationalization and localization aspects of software in adapting a globalized application to a particular locale.

Usability testing

Testing to determine the extent to which the software product is understood, easy to learn, easy to operate, and attractive to the users under specified conditions.

Some of these tests need to be done manually and some can be automated using tools. Apache JMeter is one tool where you can automate some of the tedious testing tasks. In the coming weeks I will explain how to make use of this tool to perform some of the above testing tasks to improve quality of your software work products without customer complains.


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