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Sabre Mobility NFC mission

Posted in Sabre Mobility Team findings by Tharaka de Alwis on November 21, 2009

NFC stands for Near Field Communication [Wiki]. It is a wireless communication technology which enables the exchange of data between devices over about a 3-5 cm of close proximity. NFC device can communicate with smart cards (Contact less/RFID), readers and other NFC compatible devices. Currently there are limited number of NFC phones available in the market. But Nokia suggests by 2015 all handsets will have NFC as an inbuilt feature. With the contactless infrastructure in place, moible phones users will be able to do payments or buy tickets for public transportation/cinema using their phones rather paying by cash or credit cards. The governing body for NFC technology is NFC forum. It is a non-profit industry association that promotes the use of NFC short-range wireless interaction in consumer electronics, mobile devices and PCs.

Whenever people ask me on NFC examples, this is the main video that I show them. It’s called the ‘Parallel lives’. This is about the life of a woman with NFC technology and without. It gives a clear outline how this contactless wireless technology will simply lives of individual in the near future.

Sabre mobility NFC mission

Chandima Cooray, COO of Sabre has being the visionary/strategist for Sabre’s NFC mission. Our aim is to become a leading solutions provider on NFC/RFID technologies. Since 2008 Mobility Team of Sabre Technology’s has been working on NFC based product development. Currently we have built two enterprise/mobile products based on NFC and third one is on its way.

One of the products that received quite a lot of attention was NFC powered loyalty system developed for Triumph International. Currently through the Triumph Goddess Circle  programme over 1000 NFC cards have being issued  to Sri Lankan ladies. This card is used to identify customers at boutiques of Triumph and generate loyalty points for their purchases. Through loyalty system customers receive special discounts/promotions/voucher over various channels such as SMS/email/mobile updates. Currently Triumph boutiques are located in the following areas in Colombo and suburbs.

  • Triumph Head office near British Council at Kolipity
  • Triumph – Majestic City shop at Bambalapitiya
  • Triumph – Liberty Plaza shop at Kolpity
  • Triumph – Crescat shop at Kolpity
  • Triumph – Singer Mega shop at Nugegoda

For ladies who are interested in sexy and comfortable lingerie; and receive loyalty points, please go to one of these boutiques and get your card. Here is link for for further details:

Sabre selected as a top 10 finalist for WIMA/NFC Forum Global Competition 2009

In Feb, 2009 we submitted the Triumph loyalty product to the NFC Global Competition 2009.  Out of 50 competitors we were selected as one of the  top 10 finalist of the NFC Forum Global Competition 2009. The final competition to select the winner was held in Monaco, 23th of April 2009. Both Chandima and I participated for this event. Lot’s of NFC promoters were there at this Global NFC summit. Unfortunately we didn’t win the competition. But this gave us ground to further expand our knowledge and competencies on this exciting Technology. With the Trackr product gaining momentum we keep our eyes open and fingers crossed for next year’s competition.


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