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Taking lead against injustice of our Society

Posted in Uncategorized by Tharaka de Alwis on November 8, 2009

Nearly six months have gone by to the end of Sri Lanka’s civil war. Sometimes I wonder as if this is a dream. But NO we are living in that dream. All those years of bombs, deaths and disaster are no longer there. Slowly but steadily our economy is rising. No matter what slogan the opposition is making I feel the country is heading towards a better direction. We may not be able to reduce corruption to zero percent or make overnight changes, but at least there is visible progress. Sri Lankans by nature are down to earth, humble, quiet and clever individuals. By why do we here all these crimes? Wounds of thirty years devastation still seem to stay within the hearts and souls of our people. On and off that’s why we still here stories of ruthless and horrifying injustice that take place, shaking our core values.

For an example take the Bambalapitiya youth drowning incident. If the TNL journalists never had a camera with them at that time, the injustice for this person could have drowned along with this person. But whose fault is it anyway? By looking at the video footage, right now the finger has been pointed at the police. But I feel the public gathered at that place could have done something before hand to stop this kind of unfortunate incidents. So If a person does something against the law, how should the public react to this? Once could make a complain to the police that such an incident is taking place. By the police shows up, public may probably could have tried to capture this mentally retarded person. On such situations, only one person need to take lead and the whole crowd will join by without hesitating. But if that one person doesn’t act upon, most probably no one will do any thing at all. They all could have tried to capture this person and hand over to the police. But it never happened. The police came. Chase the poor man. With no hope he jumps to the water. The police too jumps and waives a pole at this person. This person looses control and drowns in the sea.

This problem is not common only in Sri Lanka but to other counties as well. I’ll take a phrase from psychological book that I have read sometime back. During the 90s in a public car park of an apartment building in US, a woman was killed by man by stabbing with a knife. This homicide has taken place in front of 20 odd people. But what was more alarming was that the stabbing has taken place for more than 30min with more than 10 stabs. The victim has cried for help but none of observers (her neighbors) have moved nor called the cops for help. The killer seems to have been the ex-boy friend and wanted to take revenge for the ending a relationship. But biggest questions why didn’t anybody do anything about this for the bloody 30 min? Are our societies becoming ruthless or cold hearted? Actually it was not. Reason was simple. Everyone assumed someone else might have called and asked for help. They were all on their auto pilot unconscious mode. Psychologists says, this is how the minds of human beings are configured.

So the lesson to learn here is that don’t let your mind to go on auto pilot mode. When injustice within society take place in front of your eyes, ask from your self, could that victim be you or someone that you know or love. Make a conscious decision on what can be done and act upon it. Because when you make the first move there will be hundreds who might join along your steps. Small things like this will definitely make a big impact to shape our Sri Lankan society to a better direction.


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  1. amal said, on November 10, 2009 at 3:12 pm

    interesting..! Youre perfectly correct brother.
    Ateleaset the camera man had to call for 119. Remember, similar thing happened in our country just after a bomb blast. Because, We are a down to earth society ….?????

    • Tharaka de Alwis said, on November 11, 2009 at 4:10 pm

      Yeh Amal. In a bomb blast most people go there to watch, rather help others. I think this humble, down to earth nature is an asian thing. Its who we are. Some people from the west or politicians take advantage from us due to this nature

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