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Tyre check at Dehiwala Service station

Posted in Daily Events by Tharaka de Alwis on October 18, 2009

For the past couple of weeks I have been having trouble with my Car’s front left Tire. I kept getting “Tire pressure low signal” on the car dashboard. Since now we have to travel more than 20km to office, I really wanted to stop thought of: will there be break down? while I drive.

Last week I went to Amila Tire service place at Hill Street, Dehiwala to check what was wrong. But servicemen did not find an exact reason. Some were saying the Tire valve was loose. Some speculated that the mid section of the alloy wheel was corroded. So they removed the corrosion and put a new valve in place. But during the middle of the week, when I was driving through Baseline, the dreaded signal re-appeared. I continue pull over to a gas station and fill some air and continue [Not once but thrice].

Today I went to a different Tire service place in Dehiwala Hill Street. This place was right in front of the Police station. But I can’t remember the exact name of the place. I received a total different experience all together. Its amazing how these people do business. Immediately when a customer walks in they greet you and take the wheel out. Then the servicemen continue to serve someone else. After removing my Tire, I too waited for about 20 min. When they saw my grim face, they continued to server me again and checked the status of tire by putting it on water. I told them that, I speculated that the Alloy wheel corrosion must be the reason. Well to my surprise they found a wide cut at a side. Their immediate solution was to replace the tire with new one. I kindly asked them to put a patch first. If it doesn’t workout, lets get a new tire. They agreed, But I had spend like 45min because they continued with funny way operating. All servicemen work on their own random schedule. At least 7-8 customers were waiting just like me to get their work done. But workers were taking their own time smiling, laughing and joking continue do their work leisurely.

But in the end, the patching work I suggested did the trick. It only cost me only Rs. 250 bucks. I also checked the price of a new Road stone 195/65/14 Tire. Its worth Rs 8,100. After patiently tolerating this ad-hoc work pattern, in the end it was satisfying experience. Now I need to be careful, drive slowly and keep a close eye on this Tire for the next few weeks. On any given day, this problem could arise and I won’t be so lucky as today. One thing I missed was to exchange the front Tire with the rear. Must remember this for the next time.


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